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Crazy improv at Midwestria 2012

(btw, I screwed up and rendered the video at low-quality. You can see the original picture here.)



Fancy Subscription System!

Hey, we got a new fancy subscription system. Read all about it here.

Hello Box Fans

Hey guys!  I’m MagicLlama, the new Junior Blog Editor here.  I was recently hired by Sonicsuns, presumably because he wanted more underlings.  Anyways, I’ll be hanging around here for a bit.  Maybe I’ll post some stuff.  Maybe not.  You may have noticed the reorganization of the categories on the bar at the top; that was me.  I also newly updated the staff list on our About page, so you should totally go check that out!

If we had a kickstarter….

Hey, we mentioned a while back that we’re planning to do a kickstarter to get Crossed Wires animated by AskTheCrusaders (whose work is legendary).

We were wondering: What sort of prizes should we offer to donors? And if we raise more than we need for the animation, what should we do with the extra money?

Get creative and list your ideas below!

Wrong Way Backwards talkback!

Heard the broadcast today? Leave comments here!

Oh, and you can always update our tvtropes page too. =)

Daring Do Adventures: Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation talkback

comment here!