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  1. Fetch permalink

    Well, many of your fans here in New England might be a tad busy on 4/7/12. Why? Because there is an anime convention (Anime Boston) and a video game convention (PAX East) that are BOTH happening on that weekend. So Squeak, if we come home and find that you have, indeed, posted Episode 2, well, that will just make a great weekend simply grand. 🙂

  2. LCCHAN permalink

    I’d like to audition for the role of the Darlocks (Daleks) and the Cyberponies (Cybermen), where can I send in my demo?

  3. Where about’s did you guys get your TARDIS sound effects, ie; Ambience humming, cloister bell, materialization, etc. I need some good quality sound effects for a project.

  4. What happened to your podcast?

    • You mean the iTunes show? Well, it ran off of a account, and then Blip randomly deleted us without explanation. =(

      • Aw, that sucks. And like a day after I discovered it too. Only got to download 4 of them.

  5. Musicacorazon permalink

    Can I retry an audition for LGN? I rushed a little excitedly so I didnt do as well as I had hoped.

  6. CarmenAngthedrawer permalink

    Hi, Sonicsuns & Squeak. I’m one of your fan!
    Can’t I draw some Clockwork’s fanart ? I REALLY wanna draw him…
    BTW, you can discover my block (if you want to). I had drawn a Sherlock picture. Cuz’ I heard that you had post some “Sherlock Whooves” videos & I really like it!
    So… I hope you like it! & I hope you can post some “Sherlock Whooves” post here.

  7. Which posts? Where can I find them?

  8. CarmenAngthedrawer permalink

    The post that I posted on November 27(I drew Sherlock) & also the post on September 13 (I drew Dr.Who).
    You can find them at (my blog).

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