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Welcome to Pony in a Box Productions! We’re a studio of bronies currently at work producing several radioplays, including one called Doctor Whooves Adventures. It’s a crossover between ponies and Doctor Who, and it’s awesome. =)

Our tumblr:

Our youtube channel:

Cast and Crew

Production & Admin

Squeak: Our fearless leader and head writer.

Sonicsuns: Writer, Voice of Night Shift, Co-Manager of the Pony in a Box Productions blog. (That’s the site you’re reading right now.)

      Other Pony Activities: Sonicsuns is in a project to make a pony version of Mystery Science Theater 3000.

      Non-pony Activities: Sonicsuns has an old youtube channel of random thoughts and a blog of random thoughts, among other things.

Sithking Zero: Writer, Voice of Sergeant Pie, Wrex, and Ahuizotl

Sly Wit: Writer

MagicLlama: Secretary, Junior Blog Editor (again, you’re reading it), Organizational Guru…  Human Resources?  That’s a thing, right?

      Other Pony Activities:  Head of Public Relations for Anima Productions

Dash: Senior Audio Editor

Needthistool: Foley-Assembler, Keyframer

      Other Pony Activities: Pony Ask Blogpony fanfiction readings and audioDA.

X-trav: Audio Editor

Xigger: Audio Editor

Anna:  Audio Editor

Qcom: Celestia Radio liaison


BagpipeBrony: Composer of Beginning and Ending Themes.  His Youtube.

qdBrony: Musician, Voice of Droid and Berry Bubble

      Other Pony Activities: QdBrony works on the BeatleBrony project.

Coconeru:  Does covers and stuff for us.  His YouTube.

Maravex: Does music for All Aboard

Mysteriousbronie: Parody Musician

Ordon Rift: Does Music for Storybook Projects

WalrusInc: Assignment TBA


CyberToaster: Poster Artist (full episodes)

      Other Pony Activities: D.A.

crystalsuicune: Poster Artist (shorts)

      Other Pony Activites: Art Blog, D.A.

AnaXaver: Artist, occasional storyboarder

TimeStep: Artist

      Other Pony Activities: Pony Ask Blog

FutureSparkle (a.k.a. cygaj): Artist, on All Aboard series

      Other Pony Acivities: Art Blog

SketchPony: Artist for Lyra’s Game Night

      Other Pony Activities: Art Blog

Voice Actors

TheJamJar: Voice of Doctor Whooves

LaurenGoodnight: Voice of Twilight, Rarity, and The Professor.

      Non-pony Activities: Lauren is professional voice actress who had a small role in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Flootershai: Voice of Pinkie Pie and Derpy

      Other Pony Activities: Voice of Mayor Mare in My Little Investigations, meetup organizer

wollffeey: Voice of Daring Do, Mrs. Kazoo, Goodnight, Octavia

      Other Pony Activities: Also voices Octavia in The Vinyl Scratch Tapes.

Miguel Moran: Voice of Sergeant Kazoo

      Other Pony Activities: Voice actor in a number of projects, including Discorded Ponies, Doctor & Assistant, and Manestream Media, with more being done every day!

      Non Pony Activities: Voice Actor/Writer/Singer/Songwriter/Artist. You can see his thoughts at, and contact him for scouting or any questions at

Pony1kenobi: Voice of Dusk Shine, Spike

      Other Pony Activities: Pony1kenobi is a leader in the BeatleBrony project.

ObeyCelestia: Voice of Additional Voices

Neil the Nerd: Voice of Prench Trooper, Herpy

HannahK: Voice of Vinyl Scratch

      Other Pony Activities: Also voices Vinyl in The Vinyl Scratch Tapes

Alphabetsoup314: Voice of Masra

Great Dinn: Voice of Student, aka GENERIC MCSTEVENSON THE THIRD

Hamish: Voice of Ambassador Hawkings

Random: Voice of Storm Talon

Robotbutterfly: Voice of Swift Wing

Anna Jay Katie (Kayteez): Voice of Lyra

The Fangirl: Voice of Carrot Top

Ictus Bass: Voice of Big Macintosh

      Non-Pony Activities:  2nd Lt., US Air Force

qdBrony, Sonicsuns, Sithking Zero:  see above


PeaceLight: Head Animator, Vector Artist

Draco: Storyboard Artist

Lowfire: Animator


My Little Pony is the property of Hasbro. Doctor Who is the property of BBC. Doctor Whooves Adventures and other radioplays are non-profit fan projects,  which use materials and concepts from these and other media sources under the doctrine of Fair Use and similar legal provisions. Pony in a Box Productions makes no claim to have ownership over materials and concepts which are properly owned by other persons or entities. PBP furthermore encourages all our fans to support the official releases of My Little Pony and Doctor Who.

  1. Wollffeey permalink

    … Wollffeey… is again invisible. X3

  2. Xigger permalink

    At least you’re there!

  3. Actually, I really should get around to overhauling this staff list. I’ve been using the Staff Status doc, but we need someplace for the fans to see a complete crew listing, without giving away SPOILER-Y information…

  4. War-Time Lord Alicorn permalink

    Weird question, but, is there anyway i can contact TheJamJar? I wanted to ask him something.

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