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The First Pony Talkback

by on January 30, 2013

Our speed-short has now been aired on Celestia Radio!  Did you catch it?  Drop some comments for us!  Tell us how we did!


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  1. BrightPage permalink

    It was amazing

  2. dargondarkfire permalink

    only caught the last bit, sorry, but from what i heard it sounded very good. I really liked it.

  3. Harmony Shadows permalink

    It was beyond words and all kinds of beautiful. I actually wanted to hug the pony when she started crying ! You guys always manage to amaze me at how incredible your stories are. I am as always forever you fan. Thank you for that wonderful story

  4. The__Gamer permalink

    Gad dangit! Missed another one!

  5. Someone should remind the Doctor about Monaco, Lichtenstein and Andorra – all Principalities without a king or queen?

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