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Wrong Way Backwards Part III Talkback

by on January 21, 2013

So… it’s finally finished!  Anyone get a chance to catch the live broadcast?  If so, drop some comments.  Tell us how we did!


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  1. Laysla permalink

    BRILLIANT! Even when there was intermission it was funny. Fantastic job.

  2. freaking amazing jolly good job you lot

  3. yamatohunter (hunter the pony) permalink

    Loved it brilliant episode on both sides part like always especially the converstaion between the two doctors. as long as you keep making i will keep listening.

  4. Ryan permalink

    I thought the little intrusions by ‘Murphy’ made it more interesting if not inconvenient for many, I’m fortunate enough to have a late time zone and have a free day tomorrow so I personally enjoyed it even if it went several hours longer than first planned or anticipated XD.

  5. Secret agent pony permalink

    YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING DAMN BRILLIANT ALL AROUND. and i wish you all the worst of luck against murphy (fingers crossed)

  6. Harmony Shadows permalink

    Everything was Perfect. The jabberwock’s voice was even easier to understand when he spoke this time in the stream. You fought against Murphy and you won. I won’t be the first or the last to say Job well done everyone. You all deserve some rest and all our love. Can’t wait for more but at the same time I personally will wait as long as it takes. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do. It’s Brilliant !

  7. Eric permalink

    While Murphy threw a wrench in the mix, the episodes were on the whole a very enjoyable experience. The comedic as well as dramatic timings were pulled off quite well, though some of the conversations seemed to go on a tad long. For example, the scene with the two doctors arguing about morality, although extremely insightful and well written, tended to have them talking in circles longer than was necessary.

  8. From the creepy sound of the cats echoing in one scene to the jolting roar of an interdimensional beast, this episode met my expectations and succeeded them. I applaud all of your efforts thus far! Keep going!

  9. HavocFury permalink

    You did awesome considering what Murphy did is my feedback. I really like the script between the two doctors, but why wan’t there a debate over lemons and butter I wonder? After all, the Doc does go off topic occasionally, forgetting all danger. But it was an EXCELLENT script. And damn Murphy to the fiery depths of Hades.

  10. Rance permalink

    I liked it but didn’t listen to the ending of the whooves n assistant one because of connection troubles (Murphy!!!!!!)

  11. Secret agent pony permalink

    no one else leaving comments well ill leave another just cuz i think you guys are amazing. besides Murohy’s big butt getting in the way of tonight and delaying the end. i think you guys are extreamly talented at what you do. not only jitters jamjar, miss goodnight or any of you i by far enjoy all your works and did not care to stay up and wait for it. i could ramble on for hours and hours but what I’m trying to say is. Thank you for what all of you do cuz i know how much work you guys put into it these plays and tumblers and all that jaz just for us. as a MLP and doctor who fan i thank you again Squeak go get some sleep i know you need it as well as you jitters have great dreams. ^.^

  12. StarTrekFan1 permalink

    I really loved this episode for one stand out moment: the two doctors’ conversation. It really delved into what the doctor’s actions have had on the universe and his companions and it really felt like a conversation one would have in a mirror, which is a theme in the episode itself.

  13. Somepony Who Lives in Asia and Her Mom Won't Let Her Stay Up All Night permalink

    No…. so pleasepleasepleaseeeeeeeee with a cherry on top, upload it on Youtube! D:

  14. DJ Derpy Hooves permalink

    When:s it gonna be on Youtube?

  15. I can’t wait to see these posted on Youtube. You guys created a great story here. Here’s to more Doctor Whooves adventures (and assistants) in the future.

  16. Stardust/ariangelcub permalink

    Wrong way backwards is absolutely brilliant every second of it well written, the art adorable, and I totally love derpy’s little song. The voice actors where amazing as well. As for the doctors, Jamjar is a perfect doctor sounding exactly like he does on the actual doctor who series in voice and keiko while he doesnt exactly match any doctor he sounds like he should be the next one and is exactly the way the doctor should sound making it his own while beautifully fitting the character. As for the touch of alice in wonderland, I never liked alice in wonderland but after watching this I think I may just have to give it another chance because I loved the way you used all the concepts you borrowed from it (jabberwolk, cheshire). So can’t wait for it (part 3)to be on youtube to hear it again.

  17. You guys really dug deep while writing this episode. I mean, Wrong Way Backwards Parts 1, 2, and 3 on both sides adds up to 4 hours long! Not to mention the arguement between the two Doctors; that was too brilliant for words. Just got to say that I really hope there’s another crossover in the future because I’d love to see how you would 1-Up that one! Only problem was Murphy, and that I fell asleep during part of it. 😦 In any case, amazing job to everyone involved!!!!!

  18. The__Gamer permalink

    When on YouTube?

  19. Wonderfully done! I thoroughly enjoyed the episodes! The Doctors’ argument on morality did seem a little lengthy, but the subject matter warranted it and I can’t think of anything that could or should be cut out. As always, the writing was top notch. Only big problem was Murphy, and you guys had remarkable perseverance in dealing with that. The intermission was funny enough that I didn’t really mind the wait. Overall, Bravo!

  20. tombstone permalink

    Flip I missed it. Is it on you tube yet?

  21. I listened to both sides of the mirror on the train and I must say that they’re both very well done indeed. I would have really liked to have been at the planning meeting to decide what Turner was going to do… that’s a very nice piece of characterisation.

  22. Noel permalink

    that was incredible, best episode yet by either series.

  23. Zeomak permalink

    Well I really enjoyed all the Dr. Whooves and Assistant parts. But I’d rlly like to know is if there will be other episodes of it, since it says that there will be, but its been 6 months since. I mean, if there is help you need, I may be able to provide.

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