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Daring Do Adventures Episode 1 Talkback

by on December 7, 2012

Heard the broadcast tonight? Wish you had? Leave a comment below!



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  1. Aww…. Missed it

    • Actually, it hasn’t aired yet. We just made this post in advance. Head over to Celestia Radio; airtime is 8pm EST! =)

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    I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away like I was with Dr Whooves. Still, I see a lot of potential for the series.

    #1. Episodes need to be a little bit longer.
    #2. Original episodes. I like the variations of what was in “Read It And Weep”, but other treasures and adventures are needed to make the series more original. I know you can do it sonicsuns, you just need to stretch your writing muscles a little.
    #3. Give Storm Talon an airship and have Daring Do have a SKY BATTLE! That would be an EPIC freaking adventure!

    • #1 Yes, definitely
      #2 Yes, definitely. *Everything* from here on out will be original.
      #3 Spoilers…=)

    • Sithking Zero permalink

      1) This was sort of just the pilot. Future episodes will be much longer.
      2) Yes, we are aware that “Read It And Weep” technically covered all of this and more. However, At the same time, this is the first episode in a series, and it’s necessary to get a solid foundation to get a grasp on how the characters would react before trying to make them jump through hoops. Don’t worry, future episodes will have more original content.
      3) Yes, because Pony In A Box Productions has such a long and storied history of giving out future plans of ours 😉

  6. yeah just missed it myself. well sort of it kept cutting on and off for me missed whole bunch of it like i only got 5 mins wroth lol
    still those 5 mins where epic hope to get to hear the whole thing soon like on youtube X3

  7. A very good show! I was very immersed in it, and loved the Narrator. It makes me wonder if that’s the voice Rainbow Dash hears when she reads Daring Do.

  8. MuffinMark permalink

    That was awesome! loved the whole thing

  9. Absolutely loved it! Congrats to everyone who worked hard to make it happen! 🙂

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