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You Review Whooves: Wrong Way Backwards Part II

by on November 10, 2012

Hello! Thought I’d try out a new feature on the blog! You Review Whooves, where you put on your critics hat and tell us what you liked, what you didn’t like, what made you feel and what made you laugh, any little thing that pops into your head. Please, hold nothing back and tell us what you think! We’ll pick a few and post them on the Tumblr for all to see!


As a group of people who do this for fun, your comments are one of the things we look most forwards to every time we complete an episode, so please, if you liked it, participate!

Onwards and Upwards!


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  1. Arron_Starchanger permalink

    Great episode cant wait for the nextone please hurry I’m going mad not knowing what happens next.

  2. J_C permalink

    Honestly? I really liked both episodes. Both were scripted incredibly well and, to those who have followed both story sides, I’m sure understood where things were going immediately once Part 2 started up, on both sides. The realization that things were different when Time Turner met *spoilers* was great. The voice acting was superb and I felt that the emotions of the characters were carried well from the script, through the actors to us, the audience.

    To those who are a fan of one series and not the other (like me at first) may realize what is happening and turn to listen to the other side of the story. The different stories are both incredibly vivid and amazing and I personally love them. I cannot wait to hear more from you.

    As a fan of Dr. Who from the very beginning (watching old episodes) and a fan of the MLP series, I can’t thank you guys enough for putting the two of them together into this epic adventure.

  3. Noel permalink

    I really liked that you guys decided to do a crossover between the two series. This is really well written and acted, and now I don’t need to choose between which Doctor Whooves is real. Now I can just say they both are! Although, by showing pictures from the episodes, I guess our pretend canon universe is Doctor Whooves and Assistant now, while Doctor Whooves Adventures is an alternate reality. That’s ok though :), because I feel like the universes are still quite similar. I also feel like this probably expanded the fanbases of both series, and that’s really cool, because both series are amazing!

  4. Faux permalink

    I must say that I love both of the episodes! The interactions between the assistants and “their” various doctors was great! And I absolutely adored how the fun-loving and light-hearted show that is “Doctor and the Assistant” met with the deeper, more intellectual side of “Doctor Whooves Adventures”–With mixed results on either side…From the deep pain of Derpy losing her Doctor, to Twilight having to deal with a bit of a Ditzy Doctor ;D Must also say that LOVE Doctor Whooves Adventure Doctor’s voice (always have~~) and looking forward to what comes next! From the emotions, to the intrigue, to the possibilities of conflicts, I’m in love with this series and would love to be a part of it in the future should it ever come!

    Hope that when they reconnect, fun times are to be had!


  5. Musicacorazon permalink

    I think sonicsuns did a good job, it’s definetely something to look forward to. I’ll be watching…… Alwaaaayyyysss watching.

    • Musicacorazon permalink

      Crap… Wrong page… I thought I clicked the daring do… I’m a moron

  6. Zoe permalink

    I loved the part right after the other Derpy came to Time Turner and “Uptight Snoodle” where he is like “but I love Derpy! This sucks” and then he gets all serious. It is the first time he really admits to being in love with Derpy.

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