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Wrong Way Backwards Part II Talkback

by on November 7, 2012

Did you get a chance to listen to the broadcast? Comment here!


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  1. Fantastic double episode!
    Both Doctors and all the cast did a fantastic job!
    Writing was spot on too, as well as the effects and editing, and everything else too!

    Well done to everyone involved!
    Can’t wait for the download!

  2. Fantastic!
    Loved it, very good.
    Cannot explain how much I loved it.

  3. Starbrooke permalink


  4. DarkNSinth permalink

    ‘Twas amazing! I loved it. First time I’ve seen any of this stuff so… awesome!

  5. Billy permalink

    I LOVED it,
    The one thing that I thought was kind’ was in..I think it was the first episode, when the two voices are going off at once. I liked it the first time it was done, and I think it’s a cool effect, but it just seemed a bit…jarring after a while.
    However, that’s a small detail in what was over all in amazing episodes.

  6. Starbrooke permalink

    Sorry about that “FIRST”. I couldn’t resist 😉
    But yeah. AMAZING episodes. AMAZING. As usual 😉

  7. sakuraayanami permalink

    love the dynamic between both casts and the story is interesting and engaging! I can’t wait for the next parts ^^

  8. It was brilliant and you guys did a brilliant job on it. Can’t wait for part 3…would it be part 3 or parts 5 and 6? Oh, it doesn’t really matter all what does is that you guys did a great job and you should be proud of yourselves. Also, how many people figured out the riddle, if you don’t mind me asking?

  9. i loved both eps but i loved silly doctor better only becouse of what happend with him and Twilight (shhh spoilers)
    great job as always my only problem is that i wana listen to it over and over agein! cant wait for the youtube link!

  10. Zaki Merchant Hughes permalink

    Thanks for an awesome showing mate! It’s an honour working alongside you chaps.

  11. Curious Pony permalink

    Fantastic! It really exemplified the personalities of the Doctors and their companions and why they are paired the way they are. All around awesome job by everyone!

  12. unicron1133 permalink

    Incredible work, as always! Nice collaboration!

  13. Starbrooke permalink

    I love you guys. All of you. When I saw you were in the chat, you may have noticed I freaked out a little. AND earlier today, another hero of mine responded to my reblog of one of her posts. This my very well be the BEST DAY EVER! Because you guys are SO AWESOME!

  14. kdm13 permalink

    That was awesome! I kept getting way too excited. XD Can’t wait to see them up on youtube.

  15. Fetch26291 permalink

    Lewis Carrot. Hmm. Other pony version of that name I’ve seen is Bluish Carol.

    WHAT! I have to wait for a part 3? Oh for the love of Moffat and Faust!

  16. Kitten permalink

    oh my god this was so amazing ❤ Can't wait to hear it all again!

  17. Very well produced, acted, and recorded. A wonderful show all around.

    11/10, would watch more

  18. YennyJaylor permalink

    Brilliant! Three of my favorite things wrapped up in a delicious sandwich of goodness! Can’t wait to hear more from you guys! You’re all amazing! 😀

  19. TheRealZaal permalink

    I haven’t listened to Doctor Whooves Adventures before, but this makes me seriously consider giving it a listen.

  20. yamato permalink

    two of my favorite things crossed over crossed over whovesception

  21. Zeon permalink

    Going to have to catch up on your older stuff, this was very entertaining. I suppose the only way I could say it would be better if it were animated, but hey, you can’t have everything right? Fantastic radio drama.

    Is there a nice, well organized place to catch up on all the older episodes of both of the doctor’s shows?

  22. PushyP3ach permalink

    I loved the conversation between Keiko’s Doctor and Pinkie! So much epic!
    I really can’t think of much that is bad in this, so the one or two niggly things I think of really are tiny.
    I suppose the one thing that pops into my head is the voice of the Cheshire Cat. I dunno why but the voice just doesn’t sound QUITE right… Like he’s trying too hard or something. I dunno, maybe what puts me off is that it was menacing in a different way. Someone in the stream said it reminded them of HIM from the PowerPuff Girls, and I must say I have to agree now that I think about it.

  23. Story was excellent as well as the voice acting… love the cat btw…. oh and *throws green fruit* MUAHAHAHAHA!!!

  24. AceOfSpades1309 permalink

    Great job on everyponies part, I do have one problem, however. When the Doctors started to get pulled away again in front of the library, their voices sounded too distorted. At least that’s what I think. I hope I’ve been able to help. Can’t wait for part 3.

  25. This was an amazing production of two entirely different productions coming together and making it work. Though I may not understand riddles I do like hearing them so the cat was one of the funnest obstacles yet that these doctors have faced I think. Great Job everyone! I am super excited to see how part 3 will play out.

  26. I absolutely loved it. Can’t wait for the next part (and for it to be uploaded on YouTube)! 😀

  27. MisterSkids permalink

    Loved it LOVED IT LOVED IT. I cant wait till u do the end

  28. IMR1fley permalink

    Definitely a good episode! Cant wait for the downloads and youtubes!

  29. The Batman permalink

    Amazing! Everything was absolute perfection! I’m still trying to explain it to my friends.

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