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Wrong Way Backwards talkback!

by on September 8, 2012

Heard the broadcast today? Leave comments here!

Oh, and you can always update our tvtropes page too. =)


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  1. Dawning permalink

    Fantastic job

  2. Flipping brilliant! Please make a new episode soon! I must know what you’re planning!
    Terrific writing and acting, as always

  3. Superotakufan permalink

    Figured that there would be a crossover, but I didn’t expect this! Fantastic job! 😀

  4. Great crossover! I can’t wait for the next parts!!

  5. Zerkai permalink


  6. I loved the idea about the the cross-over with DWaA! My only complaint is that it was too short. I can’t wait to hear the next part! Great job, once again, everyone at PiaBP and DWaA! Its been a pleasure.

  7. Yawnmon permalink

    The doctor confirmed for making out with Twilight

  8. holy crap it was so epic! just wish the 2 eps where differnt that would be more awesome but still cant wait till part 2 of each! XD

  9. phantomsrose permalink

    my feels cannot be contained in this small box, holy crap… what just happened?

  10. Diamond Doodle permalink

    This was awesome. Honestly, I don’t much look around at internet stuff, so the cross over caught be entirely off guard! Awesome!

  11. Ponibius permalink

    What we had was very good, high quality stuff. The voice acting was great, and the action had me at the end of my seat. The only problem is that not much of the plot really seemed to get done. We rushed right into the action, the two big things happened, and then bam, cliffhanger. It felt very abrupt to me.

    • Yeah, it was abrupt. Basically the entire point of the short was to set up the cliffhanger for the proper episode.

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