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Cell Mates Talkback

by on August 29, 2012

Saw the newest short?

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  1. TheJestor permalink

    That was awesome

  2. Dawning permalink

    Can’t wait for it

    • Bobby permalink

      Didn’t you listen to it?

      • Dawning permalink

        Im just hoping they make a full episode with cherry bomb and beaker in it. That’s what I ment

  3. Coconeru permalink

    Eeeeyup you guys always surprise and entertain me with these amazingly intriguing series XD

  4. MagicLlama permalink

    Your VA for Cherry Bomb is awesome. Lol fast talking.

    • kdm13 permalink

      Thanks so much. I’m glad you liked my voice.
      Truth be told, it can be hard for me to slow down sometimes. So talking fast like that is rather natural. XD

  5. Very good, again! Loved the characters, and a lot of interesting concepts introduced.
    You could probably do a lot with Cherry Bomb and Beaker – particularly a Torchwhoof-type thing, now they’re in Mane 6 era.

    Looking forward to whatever’s coming up!

  6. Curious Pony permalink

    Awesome as always, but she got her cutie mark for burning down a building?? What the heck is her cutie mark then and what does it have to do with magic?

  7. Bobby permalink

    The trouble with the Doctor is that once he’s around you’re never sure how long he’s been there…

  8. Mr20Percent permalink

    Well, what is there to say? Awesome as always. The VA for Cherry Bomb did a brilliant job, especially when it came down to talking fast and Beaker’s lines (though there weren’t many in comparison) were also done very well. I’m really interested to see where this is headed in terms of DWA – especially with all the Traveler references ;).

    • kdm13 permalink

      Thank you very much. Really glad you liked my voice.
      And sometimes it’s hard for me to slow down my talking. XDD I’m a total spazz.

      • Mr20Percent permalink

        It really works! It’s kind of… Doctor Who-ish.

  9. Fetch26291 permalink

    livestream wasn’t working for me at all. 😦

  10. Superotakufan permalink

    Glad the short turned out well. I auditioned for Cherry Bomb, but didn’t get it. Also glad you found someone else so quickly. Happy belated birthday JamJar!

  11. kdm13 permalink

    Thank you so much for using me. I had fun and hope to do something like that again soon, if you’ll let me.

    For future reference, my name is pronounced car-uh. ^^

  12. DragonsAndDreamscape permalink

    Man, I really wish I had been there for the short! I was out with a friend! (it’s magic, you know) Oh well, LunarDragons was there for part of it, and she told me it was good. Guess it’s time to break out the Vortex Manipulator and go back to listen to it!

  13. I, unfortunately, was at work and did not hear it. I do look forward to hearing very soon though.

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