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Pony of the Opera talkback

by on July 28, 2012

Heard Pony of the Opera on Celestia Radio tonight, or wished you had? Leave comments here!


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  1. Derpy-Muffins[DMA] permalink


  2. SilverMonkey permalink

    Great story and also good job having a better saving people ratio then normal Doctor Who! 😀

    • SilverMonkey permalink

      forgot to ask but since they *spoiler* are The Doctor and Twilight now necromancers?

      • HyperShadic100 permalink

        Not necromancers. Just psycological echo players.

  3. AHAHA! I KNEW That Sgt. Pie was one of Pinkie’s Ancestors!! Hahaha *Giggles* Anyway, great episode! Sad because of Dorian’s story. T.T Poor fellow!

  4. dragonheir15 permalink

    amazing work. can’t wait to hear it again. happy b-day squeak

  5. kdm13 permalink

    Really enjoyed listening. The feels, there were many. I just wish I could have listened to the short, but my internet spazzed and I only got to hear the first few seconds and then the credits… Really hope that’s going on youtube as well. Keep up the great work. ^^

  6. Schism permalink

    I really, truly feel sorry for Twilight … because she’s going to have to explain to Pinkie Pie that they headed to 942, in /Prance/, and didn’t bring /her/ along…

  7. TheJestor permalink

    Awesome job mate!! I couldn’t a done betta myself. And brillaint job making things sentient cause of magic. Would never of thought of it.

  8. Sohum permalink

    I enjoyed it! I really loved your depiction of Prance; you guys are definitely hitting the “there’s so much of Equestria still to explore” thing. The French – Prench – accents got a bit overwhelming at times, but eh!

    And it really felt like a Doctor Whooves story, with the Obvious Monsters but the Real Villains being grief, tragedy, sadness, and circumstance. I’m definitely a fan of how you’re stitching together the dark underside of Doctor Who with the dark underside of Equestria 😀 I’m also a fan of how you’re playing Twelve – he’s definitely taking a lot of cues from Ten, but he is his own person. Uh. Pony.

    If I have any real criticisms, it would be that the scene transitions, especially towards the end, really jarred me quite a few times. (Once, the music faded out, there was silence, music faded in, and the scene was *in exactly the same place and time*!) It was really distracting and confused me :[ Oh, and it was sometimes confusing as to where exactly the action was taking place; it’s really made me realise how difficult the Radiophonic folks had it!

    But these are small criticisms, and I’m sure you guys will address them competently, from the talent you’ve put on display so far! Definitely looking forward to what PiaB puts out next!

    Oh, and happy birthday Squeak!

    • Wollffeey permalink

      Hey, thank you for the constructive criticism. We always tweak our episodes before they get put up on youtube, so any way that we can make it better is always a plus.

      And the Prench? Well… none of us are native French speakers, but we all tried our hardest to balance out the accent with the acting. Not as easy as it sounds, believe it or not. At the end of the day, we just care that our characters are believable, at least in personality, and I hope that we accomplished that much.

  9. demegor permalink

    it was great!
    had really sad moment in it made my cry a little 😦
    but it was beautiful i loved that part! X3
    i hope to see the next ep soon but this and the others will keep me happy until then! ^_^

  10. HyperShadic100 permalink

    Just what I expected from a Who-esque villian. Insanly evil, with a backstory that makes him seem in the right, if it weren’t for the fact he was opposing The Doctor. Fine job to you all, and happy belated b-day Squek.

  11. Arron_Starchanger permalink

    When will the episode be on youtube. Beacuse i missed it and really what to know what happens.

  12. Skoogles permalink

    After the first three I went into Pony of The Opera expecting brilliance, and lo and behold my expectations were kicked between the legs and viciously beaten with aluminum baseball bats. ‘Brilliant’ is one of many terms that could be used to describe Pony of The Opera. As always the voice acting was superb all around. Hands- or, er, hooves down my favourite part was near the end with Lydian and Dorian. It tugged on my heartstrings in a way they haven’t been tugged in years. Major, major, MAJOR props to Sonicsuns for his voice acting in that scene, I could practically feel the emotion. Simply fantastic. The writing was excellent, as it has been throughout the series’ entirety. Please excuse me for gushing, but I really did love this episode.
    Now, as the Doctor would say, onwards and upwards!

  13. LunarGuard12 permalink


  14. Fetch26291 permalink

    Keep up the awesome work!

  15. Thar permalink

    Great show! Loved how the locks argued, was REAL funny. Hope to see it more in later episodes.

  16. Superotakufan permalink

    It was great to finally get to listen to it live! Little weird with the whole portal thing with Vinyl Scratch and Twist in the end, but it was my first time listening live, so I don’t know how it works. The happy birthday Squeak short was a bit fast, so I wasn’t able to really understand it. Other than that, it was a great episode and I can’t wait for the next one. Nice job Pony In A Box Productions! 🙂

  17. DragonsandDreamscape permalink

    This was all just SO amazing! can’t wait for more, these episodes just get better and better! It was a tear-jerker though. I won’t spoil anything, but I had tears in my eyes!

  18. Did you actually have an airing of the fourth episode on August 3rd (as indicated on the tumblr page), and only gave a five minute notice before the show (which I only noticed the next day)? Was that a spontaneous evennt or did I miss an earlier notification of the time and date. Knowing my luck, Murphy’s Law had something to do with it. I was only aware of the July 28th airing, which I also unfortunately missed because a friendships wedding.

    I’m not really angry or frustrated, just confused. Anyways, I look forward to hearing the episode once it hits YouTube. Keep you the wonderful work everypony at Pony in a Box Productions! You ponies are amazing!

    • Yes, we aired it twice. And yes, notice was pretty short the second time. (Though I think we gave more notice on the tumblr). Sorry you missed it.

  19. Well, I just had a listen to Episode 4 (… okay, maybe a couple listens 😉 ) and I must say bravo to everypony at Pony in a Box Productions! It was very nicely put together and of the same high quality that I come to expect from your previous masterpieces, be they episodes or shorts.

    I enjoyed the larger variety of background music styles that are played during the episode. The piece playing when Dorian first confronts the protagonsists nicely portrays Dorian’s madness. The opera piece was also a nice touch.

    Kudos also to the ponies that voiced Lydian and Dorian; they did a marvelous job projecting the emotions of their characters through their voice acting!

    Okay, this episode was comedic gold! “Allon…ouch”, “…rushing by us on a tidal wave whilst trying to use Twilight as a floatation device…”, Dreary and Cheerful Kazoo, “its odd bad guys never check pockets,” everyone vs. everypony, and “Did I mention a matter of minutes, I meant a matter of seconds. Though “See this lock? Its arguing with me” had me falling out of my chair with laughter. I was also almost convinced that Dorian would shout “and you shall not pass” instead of “and you shall not win this day” just before Twilight and the Doctor succeeded to flood the catacombs with water.

    I agree with Sohum’s previous critique regarding the scene transitions; they did stand out, though they did not disrupt the flow of the story for me. I might be that I have been listening/watching to radio/television episodes online for so long that I simply got used to such transitions, which would normally have commercials inbetween.

    I also have a couple questions regarding some of the story elements; it might be something I missed, something that is intentionally left out in order to be covered in another episode, or some unintended plot holes (if they are plot holes, please don’t banish me to the moon for pointing them out…please …).

    First, the origin of the audiophone devices was never explained; the Doctor mentions that they are far more advanced then anything pony’s in 942 Prance would be able to make (and I would guess the same for modern-day Equestria as well). So, if the Willow-Wisps are simply woodland creatures (instead of, say, extra-equestrian creatures), how did they obtain that technology.

    Second, if the Willow-Wisps are unable to survive outside in the open, how do they survive in forests and bogs, which are not as acoustic as catacombs and concert halls.

    These questions are more out of curiousity than criticism; they did not distract away from the story.

    • Thank you so much for this thorough review! We’re so glad you enjoyed the episode! =)

      The origin of the audiophones will be addressed in a later episode. =)
      (Hopefully the bog thing too)

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