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Good Day Goodnight Talkback!

by on July 23, 2012

Heard the broadcast? Tell us what you think! Image


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  1. SadlyExcited permalink

    That was… amazing. Please continue this. Or have it written down as stories… Please. This is too good of a concept to just let die…

  2. Rookee Alding permalink

    The Feels, you got them… Hope to hear more from all of you.

  3. Fetch26291 permalink

    So, Goodnight has Amelia’s problem, combined with a hyper intelligence. Please do more involving her and Whimsy Bee in future.

  4. AceOfSpades1309 permalink

    That was just so sad. Will Goodnight ever see The Doctor again? I just have to know!

    • Pariswirl Lily permalink

      They said on News from the Box, “It will eventually have an impact on Doctor Whooves Adventure,”
      Did you hear that? They just said it. Goodnight will see the Doctor again most likly

  5. BadWolf9510 permalink

    Wow. Just wow. You guys always deliver the best shorts! This one, just like the first, made me tear up a little and that’s no easy task. Everyone involved in this deserves every nice thing that is said. You guys rock! Keep up the great work!

  6. Boggart permalink

    Well, when it started I wondered where my music went, but I went with it anyway, and I was not disapointed. Voices were spot on, script was great, what more could you ask for? I eagerly await more of the same.

  7. Wuverul permalink

    Oh my god, I want so much more of this! This was AMAZING! I would do anything to hear more of this! (Well, maybe not ANYTHING, but pretty close)

  8. Cider permalink

    G’day guys – great short, everything felt like it was well paced, voice acting was pretty much as dead on as it could be asked for 😀

    Looking forward to the rest of the productions

  9. Martin "Hairity" V. permalink

    I thought Good Day Goodnight was an interesting follow-up to “Good Night Goodnight.” I really liked Prima Donna, not because she was mean or like Diamond Tiara, but because she was blunt and unintentionally cruel like a regular kid would be. She didn’t seem vindictive, but like she simply didn’t get it and had no problems saying so. Paying attention to characterization like that is partly why I like PiAB Productions so much. Whimsy and Prima Donna and Goodnight were all so memorable that I couldn’t help but enjoy their stage time. The whole short was very well crafted.

    The only thing that confused me was why the Doctor wouldn’t stick around to see Goodnight, but was okay with Whimsy seeing him. I mean, I kinda get it but at the same time I was really hoping for a reunion. The bittersweet ending made up for it, though.

  10. StarTrekFan1 permalink

    Missed the short on the radio, but I’m sure it was awesome. When will the short be up on YouTube?

  11. LunarGuard12 permalink

    That was so sad!!!! I’m still crying!!!!!!

  12. Alesiopdv permalink

    Amazing! I loved this one and I need to catch up with all the ones I missed! Please continue this storyline!

  13. kaiju1 permalink

    Dear god, this was adorable. And so sad! I love you ponies in a box so much!

  14. demegor permalink

    this was just as good as an ep
    it made me cry and sqeaks voice when he sang put my baby neaice to sleep (thanks a lot man i owe ya!)
    this was so beautiful i STRONGLY suggest that people listen to this until the next ep is out it was Truly FANTASTIC!

    • Wollffeey permalink

      Psst, that was JamJar singing. Squeak is for all intents and purposes mute. X3

  15. Wait when did this air aw man i been too busy and it was goodnight too 😦

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