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Mini: The Best

by on July 16, 2012

Squeak got bored today, so we gathered up all the people who were online at the moment and made this little mini! Done in less than 12 hours. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. To RobotButterfly:

    I just have to say that I simply love your unique and adorable voice for Spitfire; it most definately has become canon for me! The voice just fits the character so perfectly. Whenever I read a story with Spitfire, that’s the voice that is in my head. I’ve been meaning to congradulate you on her wonderful job voicing Spitefire ever since I listened to the Spitefire Interview episode of The Vinyl Scratch. Any plans on reprising your role as Spitfire?

    To everypony at Pony in a Box Productions:

    I love the stuff you ponies come up with and provide for our enjoyment. Its not only entertaining, but also of a superior quality. I eagerly look forward to all the things coming down the pipe, be it the next Dr. Whooves Adventures episode, the next short, or the Daring Doo episode. All of your work is highly appreciated and enjoyed! Keep up the good work!

    • I forwarded your comment to RobotButtefly. This is her response:

      Tell that person I LOVE THEM


      • D’awwww … I left her speechless. How cute! Though, to be honest, I also respond to compliments in about the same way. ^_^

        Sonicsuns, thank you for passing on the message to RobotButterfly and also for relaying back her response. I heard that she recently joined the crew at Pony in a Box Productions, so I thought the message might eventually find its way to her; wasn’t sure how to get in touch with her otherwise. The worst type of compliment is the one that is never shared.

        Thanks! ^_^

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