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Hey there! We need some new people!

by on June 4, 2012

Hey there! We need voice actors and other crewmembers in preparation for some sort of thingamajig that may or may not be related to this. Feel free to try out, and even if you don’t, spread the word!

The Deadline is June 20th

Foley Artist:

Got a quiet space, and a good microphone? We need someone to help us create/find a wide variety of sound effects. If you’re also an audio editor, that’s even better! To Audition, create as many of these sounds as you can using household objects to the best of your ability. The test sounds are:

Large Stone Door Opening 

Darts Firing From a Wall

Books and Papers Being Shuffled 

A Punch/Buck Connecting 

Marketplace Noises

Machinery Clicking

Email us at

Voice Actors:

Read over the roles and then read the instructions below. (Note: The lines you see here may or may not appear in an actual script later on.)

Role #1 – Daring Do – CAST! Our very own Wollffeey will take the role

Role #2 – Storm Talon
Fairly deep voice.
Retired badass.
Former navy officer, current professor at Canterlot University.
Has 2 prosthetic limbs, having lost the original limbs in combat.
Gruff, but not mean.
In human terms, he’s in his 50’s. So he’s somewhat old, but not in the sense of being feeble or senile. More in the sense of having a lot of experience. He has aged well, and can still kick the crap out of nearly anyone.
Has a certain formality about him at times, but only in the sense of being a professor and former navy officer, not in the sense of being an aristocratic snob.
At one point, he commands his old navy airship, entitled “The Storm’s Vengeance”.

Audition lines:

(The first two sets of lines are conversations. Get a feel for how the conversation is flowing, and use that to influence your performance. Storm gets frustrated with Daring, especially in Set #2, but underneath it all the two of them are good friends.)

1. This conversation with Daring:
(Daring is only here for context. Just record Storm’s lines)
DD: Hey, Storm!
Storm: Professor, if you don’t mind.
DD: Professor? I should call you Captain.
Storm: I’m retired, Daring. You may call me Captain if and when I command an airship.
DD: (mock formality) Sir, yes, Sir.

2.This conversation with Daring:
(Daring is only here for context. Just record Storm’s lines)
DD: The basin…the Merenti Basin! Storm, you’re a genius!
Storm: Well thank you, I – (pause) – what are you doing?
(Sounds of packing throughout)
DD: Just getting my stuff together. You think Coco’s still around? I’m gonna need an airplane.
Storm: You can’t be serious.
DD: Of course I’m serious. It’s like a thousand miles away. You expect me to just use my wings?
Storm: I expect you to teach your class!
DD: Oh, right, the class. Well, you know, just tell Archie to cover for me.
Storm: Archie is already teaching three classes this semester. He’s busy.
DD: Well then you can cover for me.
Storm: I’m not even in the same department as you.
DD: That’s fine. You know what you’re doing.
Storm: (sighs) How long will this take?
DD: Well I don’t know exactly where inside the basin the temple is, so I’ll have to fly in circles for a bit, check out a few places. I’m guessing…three weeks maybe four?
Storm: Three weeks?
DD: Hey, hey….Storm, listen. (pause) It’s the Sapphire Stone. It’s legendary. You think I’m gonna let it just sit there?
Storm: Masra will have your head for this.
DD: She might, she might…but she’d also get a priceless artifact for the display case out front, so…I think it works out.
Storm: (sighs) Fine, I’ll handle the students.

2. (Shouting, with a note of formality and pride) “Welcome aboard the Storm’s Vengeance!”
Note for Voice Acting newbies: When the script says “shout”, you’re supposed to shout. Don’t just friggin’ talk and pretend like you’re shouting. Do it for real; it sounds better that way. (Oh, but make sure you adjust your mic settings first.)

Role #3 – Narrator

Probably male, but a female voice might work as well.

Audition Lines:

1. ” As Daring Do trekked through the tropical jungle, the wet heat sapped her energy and slowed her every step. If only she could escape this oppressive atmosphere and fly up into the cool blue sky, but her crash-landing in the jungle had injured her wing and she was grounded for a few days.”

2. “She raced for it, only to find spikes popping out of the ground wherever she stepped! She ran even faster, dodging the spikes and darts, until finally she slid under the door just before it closed.”

3. “Two weeks later, Daring arrived at the Royal University. She was quickly summoned before Masra, the school’s headmaster, who was not in a good mood.”

Role #4 – Ahuizotl

Over-the-top villain

Audition Lines:

1. “(Evil Laugh) You thought you could evade me and capture the relic for yourself, but you were sadly mistaken Ms Do.”

2. “With Daring Do out of the way, the world will suffer mightily at my hands. I am victorious! (laughs)”

Role #5 – Masra

Male or Female
Headmaster of Canterlot University.
Rather stern and often annoyed with Daring, but overall still a good person who just wants to improve her school.

Audition lines:

1. “You were gone for nearly two months, Daring! You’re supposed to be a teacher! Do you have any reason why at all I shouldn’t fire you?”

Role #6- Student

Male or Female
This is actually just a cameo part. The character has one line thus far.

Audition Lines:
1. This conversation:
(Daring is just here for context. Only record the student’s lines)
DD: We have a very special schedule in this class. Normally class starts at 9, however if I am not here by 9:10 I’d like you to assume that I’m in an ancient temple somewhere recovering a priceless artifact. Thus, I won’t be here, and I want you all to do independent study, alright? My notes are up here on the desk; you can take a look at those. Or, ya know, just go outside and start digging somewhere. See what you find. Any questions? Yes, you.

Student: Um…did you just say you’re going to skip class?

DD: Yes I did!

Role #7 – Swift Wing

Male or Female
Young (like 18 years old, in human terms)
Enjoys dangerous situations
Earth pony whose special talent is piloting airships

Audition Lines:

1. “Flaps? Check. Engine? Check?. Fuel line? Check. Coolest pony pilot this side of the academy? Check and double check!”

2. (Over the intercom) “Hello, ladies and gentlecolts. This is your captain speaking. We are currently experiencing some turbulence due to attack by enemy warship.  Buckle your seatbelts!”

Role #8 – Ambassador Hawkings

Arrogant and Haughty
Rude, obnoxious and outright abusive guy who only really got his job via nepotism
Not a villain per se; just an annoying jerk

Audition Lines:

1. “You are brash and uncivilized! I won’t be talking with you any more than I have to.”

2. (Angrily/Desperately trying to avoid getting beaten up) “A pony attacking a griffon ambassador?! It’s unheard of! You’ll create a serious international incident with this! Mark my words!”

Role #9 – Herpy

High pitched voice (or fairly high)
Total nerd, bookworm
Does a lot of research for Daring
Good-natured and high spirited

Audition Lines:

1. “Oh hey, Daring! Look what I found in the library!”

2. (to Ambassador Hawkings) “You can’t say that to Daring Do! She may not be fancy like you, but she’s brave and she’s a good person, and that’s what really counts!”

Submission Instructions

  • Email your auditions to
  • The email should either have the audition file(s) as an attachment, or else it should include a soundcloud link in the text.
  • The subject line of the email should start with the word “Audition”
  • In the case of an email attachment, please use the mp3 format
  • If you audition for multiple roles, each role should have its own file
  • Title your files like this: “[Your-Name]_[Name-Of-Character]”. So if you’re known online as “Bob15” and you’re auditioning for Storm Talon, the file should be named “Bob15_StormTalon”
  • If you have multiple interpretations of the same character (higher pitch, lower pitch, faster, slower, etc.), record them all and send them all.
  • NOTE: In addition to being a good voice actor, you have to be a team player. If you’re a stuck-up diva or you can’t get along with others, please don’t apply. We prefer the sort of people we can be friends with. =)

Good luck, everypony!

The Deadline is June 20th


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  1. Well i got to go to work so give me about 8 hours and I will be back for every line i can qualify for

  2. OhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygoshOhmygosh! I think I might finally break out the mic for some actual voice work! Some of these characters I think I can manage, and I would love to work on this. Not sure who to choose, but I’m guessing I can try a variety?

  3. I shall break out the condensor mic post haste!

  4. Jack Case permalink

    Wow! always wanted to be a VA. going to borrow my friends studio mic and do some auditions!

  5. Reading lines in the soundproof room at uni right now, but some of the tones and inflections are tricky to get. By which I mean context isn’t in some of the samples. Just go with how we feel, or try several?

    • Try several. If there’s one you like best, put that one at the front of the file. Also, I’m kinda jealous of you for having a soundproof room. =)

      If you want more detail on what I was thinking when I wrote the script, send me an email at

  6. I recorded what I could so far, but I have to record the rest of Storm Talon in the morning. :3

  7. MariC.G permalink

    I am so going to give try this 🙂

  8. Corrie Hastie permalink

    Um, I’m an Australian, hope that’s ok, I also put a bit of a gag at the end of my Audition for Swift Wing, Hope that’s ok

  9. Dominovox permalink

    I sent over my audition

  10. The__Gamer permalink

    Hmmmm… I am a geek, but can’t do a good squeaky voice seriously

  11. Any general ETA on when the selection/auditions will be determined?

  12. StarTrekFan1 permalink

    Sent in my audition as soon as I saw the lists come up. Hope you guys liked it. Also, how is the episode coming along? I know you guys have been hounded about this a lot, but WE NEED THE AWESOMENESS!

    • It’s…coming. Sorry, lots of stuff going wrong behind the scenes. We hope to get this cleared up so we can be more dependable in the future.

      • StarTrekFan1 permalink

        It’s alright. I know you guys are working as hard as you can. If you guys ever need help behind the scenes as well, give me a holler. I believe in you guys to do what you do. How’s your friend doing now? Has she found a new job and gotten stabilized yet?

  13. Does anyone else think Storm Talon feels kinda Tenzin-y from Legend of Korra?

  14. p4154165 permalink

    Got space for a non-american or non-british guy? Brazilian with an awkward accent here. May or may not fit Ahuizotl. I will try anyway, but would like to know first if you guys are not allowing non-natural english speakers to join you.

    • If you can speak clear enough that the audience can understand you, then you can try whatever accent.

  15. A few questions:

    Since some of them have only one or two lines, can we play with the lines/improvise a bit? Or otherwise add a few lines we think suit the character as presented? Or do we have to stick with what’s given?

    How long will the auditions stay open?

    • Send at least one recording with the lines exactly as they appear on the page. After that, you can add more stuff with whatever alterations or improvisations you can come up with.

      • Cool, thanks. Any idea when you want the auditions by, or are you just going to keep going until you find the right person? I would just like a rough time frame because I have a busy schedule and limited time where I can get others in the house to give me some space and quiet time to record.

  16. Kojin permalink

    Hey all! Just found out you all were looking for new VAs. I’d like to throw my hat into the ring, but I won’t be able to record until tomorrow morning when I won’t accidentally wake any of my roommates up. I’d also like to know how much time I have to refine whatever I actually try my hand at. So, how long are the auditions open? Indeterminate, another week, three weeks? Some clarification would be appreciated when you get a chance. Thanks!

    • The deadline is June 20th. Good luck! =)

      • Kojin permalink

        Thank you for the update! If I actually luck out (and am good enough) to get a part, I’m hoping to for Storm Talon, Swift Wing or Ahuizotl, all three sound like loads of fun!

      • Kojin permalink

        And just sent in my auditions for several parts! I hope you like ’em. They’re under Kojin.

    • p4154165 permalink

      You sound so animate that I hope you got any of the roles you want, even if I don’t get any.

  17. Hmm, I was going to throw in an audition for the heck of it, but it’s too close to the deadline to do so. Oh, well. Good luck to all those who do.

    • p4154165 permalink

      Hey dude, try it out, it’s always time to do what you want to.

  18. Kojin permalink

    After sending in my auditions, I find I have a question. I gave each interpretation I have for each character a different file, so for example I have three separate Swift Wing files. Is that alright, or would you like me to re-submit with each role with its variations in one file?

  19. When will the roles be posted?

  20. How much longer until the roles are chosen? I know you guys are busy, so I’m willing to wait, but I just thought I’d ask.

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