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Chords of Chaos talkback!

by on May 26, 2012

Heard the episode tonight, or wished that you had? Leave comments here!


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  1. comment before the thing even starts, it should’ve started 10 minutes ago.

  2. actually. this setback was mildly predictable knowing you guys

  3. good job, it started on the correct day this time

  4. Arcshod permalink

    I keep getting my time differences confused and missing these things! I even had some bits set aside for the drive. . .

  5. ._. I missed it… I are sad

  6. Gmodguy permalink

    Also, Dat cliffhanger

  7. Great episode! The Ponyverse history is great, and I love the attention to detail! The accents were adorable. And the ending left me eager for the next episode! It reminded me of the old Who serials! Great work, everypony!

  8. Draginite permalink

    Hoo wee, was that fun or what? I fuckin’ loved recording as Sergeant Kazoo, and I hope you all enjoyed hearing my work on him! It only gets better in the next episode, so keep on watching!

  9. Everett Wilson permalink

    Had to leave in the middle. Hope its on YT soon!

  10. 😦 Not again! I overslept! Can’t wait to hear it when it’s on YouTube, though!

  11. Korey permalink

    Weres the episode, did you only leave it on for a short and now I have to wait till its put on youtube?

    • sagotomi permalink

      It was on a online radio then they wait about a day before they upload to youtube

      • In this case, it’ll be more like a week. We want to tweak a few things before the “official” release.

  12. TheMadChemist permalink

    Great episode! Everypony did a really good job. Can’t wait to hear it again on YouTube!

  13. qazse permalink

    when will ep 3 come out?

  14. Chaotic Harmony permalink

    Want… voice…. tryouts…. *froths at the mouth*

  15. It has been a week now, I am wondering how that episode 3 is about coming out to general public as I missed the live show (DAM YOU WORK)

    • We’re…working on it, Sorry, random stuff always seems to delay us.

      • Well isn’t wait a TARDIS is good for. So that you can come back after said things are done so both can be done. Or something like that.

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