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Wanna be an extra in episode three?

by on May 4, 2012

Wanna be an extra in episode three? We have several small parts that are only a few lines a piece, so we thought, why not let our fans guest star? I’m going to post these completely out of context lines, and whoever does them best gets to hear their voice, if only briefly, in Doctor Whooves Adventures. The episode is set in Prance (France) in 942, so a french accent is recommended, but not mandatory. Submit to

Extra lines:


Stallion Trooper (Military Yelling) 

Stallion Trooper 1: [stressed] Sergeant Kazoo! We’re being taken on all sides by Hoofin troops! They’ve taken the west and east tunnels. What are your orders?

Stallion Trooper 1: Sir, yes, sir!

Stallion Trooper 1: Still in the oven, sir! It’s got about a good thirty minutes left, sir!


Stallion Guard (Military yelling)

Stallion guard: [Breathless] The Hoofin troops have breached the perimeter! The punch won’t hold them long, and they’re advancing on the party favors!

Stallion guard: [Afraid] It’s too late! They’re here!



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  1. Edmund Sirus permalink

    I want to but is there a cutoff date? I’m going to be busy, so I want to partition my time accordingly.

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