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‘Twas the night before Thursday

by on April 18, 2012

Matt and I were alone on the chat recently, and we improvised a poem. Here it is:

‘Twas the night before Thursday
And all through the chat
Not a creature was stirring
Save for Jimmy and Matt
Ideas were taped to the boxes with care
In hopes that St. Sqeakalus soon would be there
When from the chatroom there came such a clatter
I leapt to the laptop  to see what was the matter
Upon the Skype window I hastily clicked
And I saw a text from a hamster, quite ticked
Seems someone corrected his spelling atrocious
And towards the corrector he was quite ferocious
And so he advanced, with a zeal quite inspired
And he said to the outcast “Sithking, you’re fired!”
Dear Sithking, however, was not led astray
(Squeak tended to fire him almost ten times a day)
He stood there with strength and received his pink slip
He took quite calmly into his own grip
(Not a feat taken lightly when one has but hooves
But this was quite simply a part of his groove)
Then he turned round about, and he took some scotch tape
And he added the slip to the edge of his cape
For the moment the hamster was done with his deed
And he vanished offline, with bewildering speed

(Edit: I fixed the spelling of “hamster”. On Matt’s request, of course)


From → Totally Random

  1. The__Gamer permalink


  2. This… I think this is a prime example of why I love this series. You guys have some mighty writing power. And a fine tale, this is!

    ((Also. typo with the first hamster. “Hampster?”))

    • The__Gamer permalink

      You’ll be fired for that. Fired from commenting.

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