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LG Short Talkback

by on April 14, 2012

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Oops, we made two of these posts. We’ll consolidate them later.


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  1. Fetch permalink


  2. I put a comment on the announcement for the Goodnight Goodnight broadcast but I’ll distill it here: “We wuv u Wawwen, an we wewwy want you to get betuwww!”

    Really, this whole thing was quite touching and I’m glad it all came together and even stayed a surprise (apparently?). Any kind of surgery whether considered ‘major’ or not can be really rough and it can take an obnoxious amount of time to really feel back to good, human and whole again. But I think you can do it. You got folks there for you.

    Cheers LG, and cheers to all who’re supporting you.

  3. The__Gamer permalink

    When will it be on The blog? I missed it.
    Also, when will the part 2 interview be up?

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