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Episode 2 (Number Twelve: Part 2) Talkback

by on April 7, 2012

Heard the Episode 2 broadcast (or wished you did)? Put your comments here!

And remember, the episode will be up on youtube at this channel:


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  1. 5/5 voice acting. would restore the harmony and be awesome in general

  2. Ryann Hash permalink

    Love the acting and Emotions put in it u all did a great job and i really enjoyed it looking forward to more from u all ALLONS-Y

  3. Splee permalink

    Awesome, simply awesome. I can’t wait for Traveler.

  4. The__Gamer permalink

    Perfectly amazing

  5. Martin V. permalink

    I thought the episode was very well done. I truly enjoyed The voices, the action was exciting. The whole thing just sucked me in and wouldn’t let me go until it was over.

  6. Blarg? permalink

    Does this mean you’re not posting on YouTube?

    • It’ll be on youtube within a couple days. We always do the broadcast a bit before the youtube vido goes up.

    • Sithking Zero permalink

      The episode is currently up on youtube.

  7. Xigger permalink

    Why is your production team so awesome?!?!? OMG UR TEH BEST!!

    (Oh, and hi)

  8. Trekkie2063 permalink

    Twilight’s reaction to realizing that the TARDIS IS a time machine=my reaction to the episode 😀

  9. Omega445 permalink

    dammit i missed it!

  10. Was at work when I got the email about the show. Now I missed it. When or where can I give a listen to this highly anticipated episode?

  11. BonsaiFriend permalink

    I wanted to listen. I really did. I was all set up at 6:00, sat and listened to the first episode (the fourth time over, by the way) and the talk host guy pony thingy announced that there was going to be a five minute break between the two episodes.
    During those five minutes, dad came in and told me we were going to the Saturday Easter sermon because he didn’t want to get up early tomorrow morning. I had to put on a dress and oblige him.
    Please please please put the new episode on youtube, because I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!! I HAVE WAITED FAR TOO LONG FOR THIS!!!!!!!!

    • Aw, I’m so sorry you were interrupted like that! Don’t worry, the episode should be on youtube within 24 hours. Thanks for watching! =)

      • BonsaiFriend permalink

        Thanks, I can’t wait to see it! The teaser just made me more impatient!

  12. The__Gamer permalink

    Most common word in the interview: FIIIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRRRRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. The__Gamer permalink

    With about 5 E’s

  14. Xenotype permalink

    I still swear Squeak sounds like Greg from Conker…

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