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Episode 2 this Saturday!

by on April 6, 2012


This Saturday, Celestia Radio is getting a little wibbly with Doctor Whooves Adventures. Starting at 6pm EST we’ll be airing the first episode, entitled Number 12 Part One, immediately followed by the premiere of the second half of the saga, Number 12 Part Two. That adds up to well over an hour of Timelord pony goodness! After that there will be a live interview with the cast and crew where we’ll be taking questions from the Celestia Radio chatroom. Just go to to listen. Bring your popcorn, drinks and sonic screwdriver, thing’s are going to get Timey Whimey in Equestria.

(And yes, Episode 2 is actually done this time. We already emailed the file to Celestia Radio.)


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  1. The__Gamer permalink

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! IT TOOK FOREVER TO COME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Yaaaaay~! Finally released!

    Aaaaww~… Daylight savings has ended, making it air at 8:00AM for me. Eh, I’ll hopefully wake up in time.

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