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by on March 30, 2012



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  1. Anne Onimous permalink

    Not sure that I’m putting this in the right spot (wherever the right spot is for this), but I wanted to ask some questions for the ‘Ask the Ponies in a Box’ thing, and didn’t know where to post. (Could you mention where next time, if it’s not too much trouble?)

    So, my questions are as follows:

    Why did the Doctor get Pinkie Pie’s name correct instantly, but take so long with Twilight’s? Comedic effect?

    Why not stop Rarity’s advances by admitting that he’s married? (Do River Song and Marilyn Monroe ring a bell?)

    Do you plan to sport a bowtie (or a cool hat) at any point in the forseeable future? Ever tried/considered a deerstalker or a bowler hat?

    Thank you for your answers!

    • Well in general if you want to contact us, use the contact page. You can also go the tumblr and use the askbox. Click “ask” at the top of the tumblr page.

      As for your questions, here are some out-of-character answers:

      1. Yeah, comedic effect. Though you could also argue that the Doctor was a bit dazed immediately after his regeneration into a pony, which is when he learned Twilight’s name, so perhaps it was harder for him to hold that piece of information in his head. He met Pinkie Pie a bit later, when his head was working better. Or, ya know, just Rule of Funny and all that.

      2. First, the Doctor was never actually married to Marilyn Monroe (“That was never a real chapel”). Second, it’s possible he’s no longer married to River Song for whatever reason. Remember that this a future version of the Doctor (from the perspective of the TV show). Third, Rarity isn’t trying to marry him just yet; she simply wants to spend time with him. Even if he is still married, he might feel a bit awkward about avoiding her altogether.

      3. Heck, he might already be wearing a bow tie. =)

      • Anne Onimous permalink

        Okay. Thank you for responding!

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