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Grimdark Non-canon Whooves voice sample (and story prompt!)

by on March 15, 2012

There’s a guy called Broadcaster with an awesome voice. I wrote a monologue for him based on an episode idea that Sithking Zero and I came up with. Right now this is totally non-canon. Squeak says that the premise is too dark for DWA, and besides that we’ve already planned out the next several episodes, so even if this did become canon it would be in Season 3 at the earliest.

But hey, you might as well listen to it. =)

This is the voice of an unnamed character, speaking to the Doctor:

Maybe this will never be an episode, but it makes for an excellent story prompt! If you’re interested, make something inspired by this monologue. Write a fanfic, draw a picture, record some audio, whatever! Tell us about it before you start, and then send us whatever you make. (Put announcements and links in the comments.) If we like what you make, we’ll feature it here on the blog. =)

  1. I listened to this. It was a great monologue with great use of the music behind it. I’m saddened that the track has dissapeared so fast, I wanted to share it with my friends.

    • Don’t worry, it’s back! It only disappeared for a bit because Broadcaster wanted to make an updated version.

  2. bosik permalink

    Well, I am impressed, he could be very good GM in warhammer RPG, his voice fits perfectly for storytelling.
    Also you can make special episode where you can use him:), it’s above average level of fan voiceacting.

  3. Shadowmane permalink

    Thanks to this absolutely amazing monologue, I now have a new story in the works. As if I did not have enough on my plate already. Thanks a lot. >_<


    Now that I have gotten my sarcastic ‘thank you’ out of the way, I would like to take this opportunity to praise both the writing and the acting of this incredible piece. The musical selection must also be lauded as it perfectly sets the mood for the scene. The emotion conveyed by this two-minute monologue was dark, haunting, and yet incredibly beautiful. And before someone can question how I could consider something so sad to be beautiful, I think Sally Sparrow said it best when asked ‘what's good about sad?’

    “It's happy for deep people.”

    So in conclusion, congratulations to all involved. This was a masterful, if short, performance. Even if this scene never becomes part of an episode, I applaud your work and look forward to the airing of your next episode.

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks so much! I’m so glad you enjoyed my writing and Broadcaster’s performance (he chose the music too). And yeah, of course sad things can be beautiful. =)

      I look forward to seeing your story!

      Thanks again. =)

  4. Edmund Sirus permalink

    I loved this guys voice! Grimdark as ALL hell, but a very impressive piece. I hope he gets his chance to shine.

  5. Edmund Sirus permalink

    I was suddenly struck by an idea for a fanfic for this. It will be hosted on fimfiction and I’ll send the link when I am done.

      • Edmund Sirus permalink

        As an update, scripting is almost done, but I want to get everything perfect. Broadcaster says two words and I can’t make them out. Where does Harmonia lead the refugees? I can’t make out the name.

  6. @Edmund Ooh, progress! =)
    Harmonia leads them to “the Nekris Gorge”

  7. Edmund Sirus permalink

    A little surprise for those that like this recording:

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