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Delayed again…

by on March 2, 2012

Sorry, but episode 2 has been delayed again. Our editor has been sick. We’re hoping to release it next Saturday, March 10th.


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  1. tavor permalink

    i want to say something to the pony in a box team
    i want to say thanks, about 2 weeks ago i found Number twelve part 1 on youtube, i kwen doctor whooves was named after doctor who, but i had never seen any Doctor who series,the only reference about the doctor i had was some fics and they wasnt really good fics, i mean the doctor wasnt the doctor, anyway i decided to give a chance to this radio play, and i loved the characther,for some reason i always saw the doctor like old and grumpy, but he is not like that,now i had seen seasons 1-6 and i love the show, so thanks to the pony in a box team for open my eyes to this great tv serie, and thanks because that character that squeak wrote and jamjar played that was my first doctor, well thats all i wanted to say

    PD: dont worry about delays, take your time

    PD 2. i am from mexico so my english isnt perfect,sorry if you dont understand what i wrote, speaking about that , can you put the script somewhere after you release a chapter?? i understand like 90% of the story but i am really sure i miss some details, having the script would be very useful

    • You’re welcome! =)

      By the way, I think the phrase you’re looking for is “P.S.”, not “PD”. But maybe that’s just me. (Your English is better than my Spanish, anyway!)

      I’ll see about posting up the script.

    • Noel permalink

      The script mostly follows an amazing fanfic written by Squeak called Number 12. It is followed by another amazing fic called Traveller. Check it out, seriously, they’re great!

  2. tavor permalink

    yeah PD is in spanish,sorry about that

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