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Chatting with KHAAAAAAN

by on March 1, 2012

Pony in a Box Productions has a private Skype group. Sometimes we discuss the production of Doctor Whooves Adventures, and sometimes we just talk total randomness.

First off, you should be aware that the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, contains this clip:

And now, the chatlog:

[6:51:42 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Or crazy. I kinda pictured Romulus as this guy who was semi-cultured, but prone to violent outbursts. Kinda like bipolarity, but… mix in a little bit of Khan from Star Trek II.
[6:52:08 PM] Executive JamJar: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN
[6:53:00 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Did you hear that there was talk of Kirk having a spinoff show where he was a construction worker?
[6:53:16 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): His motto was “KHAAAAAAAAAAAN we build it?!?”
[6:53:32 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): The KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANcept was later recycled into Bob the Builder.
[6:53:59 PM] Jimmy (Sonicsuns): loldumb =)
[6:54:06 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Ha ha ha, you laughed.
[6:56:34 PM] Jimmy (Sonicsuns): yup =)
[7:47:09 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): There’s another show where he is really good at cheating people out of money
[7:47:18 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): he’s a KHAAAAAAAAAAAN Artist
[7:47:47 PM] Qcom: cybertoaster, im about to go on in 10
[7:47:48 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): And then there was that Reality show about him trying to be a singer… I think it was AmeriKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN Idol.
[7:49:06 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): I heard about that at ComiKHAAAAAAAAAAAN
[7:49:42 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): also cool Qcom, I’ll tune in
[8:03:34 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): He even played a bit part in Transformers, like Leonard Nemoy. He had a bit part as a DeceptiKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.
[8:04:38 PM] Executive JamJar: “KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAN’t let you pun that, Sithking”
[8:05:28 PM] Executive JamJar: Executive JamJar barrel roll’s the fuck out of shit
[8:06:26 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Why not? It would be KHAAAAAAAAANceited of you to hog all the wordplay for yourself.
[8:06:53 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): I know right? What a Blatant KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTradiction…
[8:06:55 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): tsk tsk
[8:07:20 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Now, now… Let’s not get KHAAAAAAAAAANfrontational…
[8:07:29 PM] qdBrony: Do you mind? I’m watching a movie here
[8:07:43 PM] Executive JamJar: this is getting ridiculous
[8:07:44 PM] qdBrony: the Gene Hackman classic “The French KHAAAAAAAAAANnection”
[8:07:51 PM] Executive JamJar: KHAAAAAAAAAAAAANfound it all
[8:08:01 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): Well then I-
[8:08:15 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): Iseewhatudidthere.jpg
[8:08:41 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): I don’t like that movie
[8:08:50 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): there’s no KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANflict
[8:08:54 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Hey, did all of you like Pinkie’s last song?
[8:09:15 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): go on?
[8:09:41 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): It was sung by Shannon KHAAAAAAAAAAAN-Kent.
[8:09:55 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): I mean, I personally thought the Lyrics where a bit KHAAAAAAAAAAANvoluted
[8:12:46 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Yes, Pinkie cannot help but be KHAAAAAAAAAANfusing.
[8:14:13 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Though I’m on a mixed mind if Gilda comes back, if she should have a song.
[8:14:37 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): Partially because, while I think she’s a neat idea, she was remarkably KHAAAAAAANdescending to the ponies.
[8:19:33 PM] qdBrony: Still, I can’t help but wonder who the Mane 6 will KHAAAAAAAAAAANfront in their next major plotline….
[8:26:20 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): More to the point, who will voice them? They already had their own Star Trek iKHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN, John DeLancie, as a villain.
[8:48:34 PM] Jimmy (Sonicsuns): I have an idea: with your permission, I want to take this entire Khan conversation and put it on the blog. In fact, everytime we have a weird conversation from now on, we should just save it as potential blog material
[8:48:55 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): YES. That sounds KHAAAAAAAAANstructive.
[8:49:22 PM] Executive JamJar: I expect the KHAAAAAAAAAAAANsequences of this action will be of utmost amusement and mirth
[8:49:37 PM] Executive JamJar: doit filly
[8:49:57 PM] Matthew (Sithking Zero): I really KHAAAAAAAAAAAN’t see a downside.
[8:50:01 PM] Jimmy (Sonicsuns): cool. I’ll wait for qdbrony and Cyber to give their permission too, though.
[8:51:08 PM] qdBrony: You don’t even need to ask. My support is unKHAAAAAAAAAAAAANditional
[8:54:04 PM] Jimmy (Sonicsuns): Cyber, y u no respond?
[8:54:17 PM] Zach (CyberToaster): You Certainly KHAAAAAAAAAAN be my guest to do so


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  1. Multifish permalink

    Oh Tia… I laughed SO DAMN HARD while reading this! I was planning on placing a KHAAAAAAAAAN pun in this comment, but I think you’ve gone and used them all! Bloody hell!

  2. Arcshod permalink

    Khan I just love you all to death now?

  3. crystalsuicune permalink

    MY RIBS.


    • Sithking Zero permalink

      No, no, no.

      You KHAAAAAAAAAAAAN’t breath properly.

      Please, proper grammar.

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