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Some bad news…

by on February 23, 2012

Sorry everybody, but our computer derped. Because of this, next week’s episode has unfortunately been delayed and will broadcast on March 3rd. We apologize for the wait, but don’t worry! There’s more fun stuff on the way. On February 25th at 6pm EST on Celestia Radio the cast and crew will be present as we air the shorts and talk about the plays, future episodes and other such things. Be there or be Square! Onwards and Upwards!

Update: We hope it’ll go up on March 3rd…it might be delayed again…


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  1. Arcshod permalink

    I. . . just don’t know what went wrong?

    That is a shame. Fortunately, you know a talented fellow with a blue box! Just hope nothing fell through the cracks. . .

  2. Kusa permalink

    Damnit derpy! stop Destroying PCs!!

  3. Fetch permalink

    So it will be up on your YT channel on the 4th. (I’m busy on the 3rd, and won’t be able to listen to it on CR)

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