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First Episode Talkback

by on February 18, 2012

For everyone who listened to our first broadcast ( or wished you did), here’s your place to leave comments.  =)


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  1. Sithking Zero permalink


  2. We need part 2. NOW!

  3. Gmodguy permalink

    Hello!, It was ap retty good episode IMO, but i think The Doctors reaction to Twilight being the most magically inclined was a bit too fast. Really the only bad thing i could think of, all in all well done.


    • Sithking Zero permalink

      To quote another musician:

      You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

      B-b-b-b-b-baby you ain’t seen n-n-n-n-nothin’ yet!

  5. WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! I overslept! D:

    Stoopid Pinkie Pie and her hilarious episode keepin’ me up ’till 2:30A.M!

  6. Appleian permalink

    Loved it! Keep doing this even after MLP is done and never look back! 😀

  7. Okai permalink

    I’ve been waiting for this excitedly since I discovered it in October. This was amazing, though not with out flaws.

    Given that I only recently heard it I might not have the best memory. I don’t think there was really an explosion sound in the beginning. It was a bit hard to understand what was happening when you transitioned to another place. You didn’t convey where Night Shift’s location, his job, or etc. This also applies to the ending. I think the mirror broke holding the Weeping Pegasus, but I’m not sure how it happened.

    The Doctor saying Twilight’s name wrong made me laugh.You have a pretty good voice cast for the ponies. I love Jamjar as the Doctor. I cannot wait for the next episode! Will there be any other of the Doctor’s enemies appear in this radio series? Cyberponies/Cybermares, Daleks, the Master?

    How many episodes is this going to span? Is this going to broken up into seasons with so many episodes? Would you mind if I turned the radio plays into comics?

    • There was definitely a crash/explosion sound, though maybe it wasn’t as loud as you would have liked.

      We did convey details about NightShift, after his first scene. At the beginning he’s a mostly-anonymous victim. Characters like that pop up in Doctor Who sometimes.

      There will be several enemies in future episodes, both old and new. =)

      There will be 6 episodes in season 1. Season 2 will follow.

      Comics sound great! We love it wheb fans participate. Send us a link to whatever you create.

  8. Okai permalink

    Will there be elements that combine into on bigger story arc at the end of the series? Examples the cracks in the universe leading up to Doctor’s imprisonment and the Big Bang, Bad Wolf, ect.

    Or will just be separate adventures?

    • Sithking Zero permalink

      Hey, Sithking Zero, one of the writers here. Season two will have more arc-based elements, but the next few episodes will have a more episodic quality. We’re looking for a blend of the two.

      Seasons as-is are largely meaningless, other than to show when we are making an episode. And I will neither confirm nor deny other Who-based elements.

      Some of the elements about Night Shift are discussed in the next episode, which airs next week, but part of the difficulty might be because this was originally a fanfiction by Squeak that he turned into a script, so some of the details might have gotten lost in the transition.

      Oh, and Squeak (the Big Boss) says that you can go ahead and make comics.

      Yes, the mirror keeping the Pegasi in check broke, similar to the one that held back the angels in “Blink,” a rather excellent episode that I recommend highly.

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      SIthking Zero,

      Writer and Story Consultant

      Pony In A Box Productions

    • Season 1 is basically a bunch of individual adventures. Season 2 will have a big arc.

  9. Swift Heart permalink

    I missed it *cries* And I was waiting forever to see it! But…but I had to go shopping with my mom for a calculator! It’s all schools fault!

  10. It was fantastic. I loved every part of it. The music, the voice work, everything. I can’t wait for more episodes.

  11. any chance we get a recording for those who didnt have the chance to join ❤ ?

    • Sithking Zero permalink

      You’re in luck! The episode will be up on Youtube tomorrow.

  12. HeeroDan permalink

    when will the next episode be ready??

  13. I loved it! I’ve been dying to listen to it since I first discovered it. Everything about it was fantastic. JamJar was wonderful as always and I fell in love with Lauren Goodnight’s voice. Can’t wait for part two, as well as the rest of the season. Great to now there’s a second season on the way with a third being brainstormed.

  14. I am wondering if we will be able to listen to this first episode so other way or is this a one shot deal?

  15. Travis John Gatti permalink

    I did listen to their radio conversation, but I didn’t listen to the preview of the next episode. My favorite funny scene in Doctor Whooves: Number 12 part 1, is when Pinkie went to explore in the TARDIS until she fell into the swimming pool; she needs to listen to the Doctor before she goes wandering off.

  16. Multifish permalink

    Huh. I just realized something.
    The MLP air time has increase means I won’t be able to livestream it anymore (it’ll be 4:30A.M here), so of course I bawled my eyes out. HOWEVER, I just noticed this means I’ll actually be able to catch these radio plays as they air because I won’t over sleep again! Hooray!

    • Sithking Zero permalink

      Or, you could wait an extra day. We are putting the episodes up on Youtube about a day later.

  17. crystalsuicune permalink

    I missed it…

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