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Theme Song Wanted!

by on January 28, 2012

The Doctor Whooves Adventures Radio Play is looking for a composer to mix up theme song for the upcoming episodes! What we’re asking is someone to create a track of no more than thirty seconds, featuring elements from both the MLP and Doctor Who themes to lead into all future installments of the plays. This person will, as a bonus, be allowed to listen to the first episode before it airs, and get a really big hug from the whole team. So, if you like Who, Ponies and all the stuff in between please contact us at (or comment on this blog post).


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  1. Scoots permalink

    I’m more than interested in this.

    • Squeak permalink


      Do you have a sample of your work? That’d be great in helping the decision.

  2. Squeak permalink

    Oh, and some contact info.

  3. Bradley permalink

    I’m also quite interested in this, as it combines my 3 favorite things. Ponies, Doctor Who, and composing music! You can email me at, and you can check out my soundcloud at (doesn’t have any of my orchestral works, mostly dubstep, but it can prove that I know how to compose.)

  4. Multifish permalink

    Have you approached Yourenigma? He did this incredible song:

    I’ve always thought he’d be perfect for this team.

  5. Jordan permalink

    Apparently, you guys haven’t seen this mashup of the MLP and Doctor Who themes:
    BaldDumboRat and Keikoandgilly do a “Doctor Whooves and Assistant” series. BDR herself is a pretty big deal as the most popular fan voice for Derpy Hooves.

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