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Media Samples

by on August 13, 2011

(Reminder, our ponychan thread is here)

Here’s what we’ve got so far:

#1 is here
#2 is here

Voice auditions:
By Poni1Kenobi:

By Sonicsuns: (cast)

By Sithking-zero:

By Draginite: (cast)

By TheJamJar:

By HamishArk:

Intro crash:

Squeak is the guy in charge. His youtube account is here.

Here’s some voice stuff from that account:

Pride as Doctor Whooves:

MonkeyJay as Doctor Whooves:

Dragonite as Whoove Narrator:

(Radio Play) Lauren Goodnight as Twilight ) UK/US: (cast)

Lauren Goodnight as Trixie:

TheDanMan as Doctor Whooves:

Sonicsuns as The Mysterious Figure in the Dark:

JamJar as The Doctor (There’s no Business Like Show Business):

The Doctor Meets Twilight:

Fashionably Late (The Doctor Drops in on Rarity):


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  1. Your link to ponychan is also broken in this post~ needs that pesky .html 😀

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